48" Aerobatic Bi-plane

It is only natural that wots•wot should inherit the many and now famous highly successful features of the WOT 4 and ACRO•WOT.   Aerodynamically it owes much to the WOT 4 using the same amazingly versatile semi-symmetrical wing section which results in simply astounding low speed handling and fantastic manoeuvrability.  With ailerons fitted to both top and bottom wing the control power is maximum and roll response is crisp, precise and axial.

wot-wot2-sm.jpg (6547 bytes)

Simplicity was the key word from the outset and the design complexities of a bi-plane have been largely eliminated.  The cabane struts for example have been thoughtfully engineered to give perfect alignment with instant assembly using only a spanner and screwdriver.  Injection moulded wing seats are bolted to aluminium pre-formed struts again simple and precise.  This arrangement gives strength to the structure but if damaged the whole assembly can be replaced.  The fuselage structure has been developed from the ACRO•WOT and features a fully stringered rear top decking which is both light and rigid.  The section has a generous side area for good knife edge performance.  Inkeeping with the other "WOT" models the engine range is wide ensuring that the model can be tailored to suit your flying style.

This is the model to fine tune your flying skills, it is challenging, rewarding and a delight to fly.