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Featuring tapered wing for precision aerobatics & amazing manoeuvrability.

With .60 two stroke or .90 four stroke, this aeroplane becomes a highly aerobatic and manoeuvreable stunt model.  It demonstrates sensational vertical performance and superb low speed handling.

Advanced Trainer thro' to Amazing Stunt Model

Wing Span 52 - 56inches

Wing Area 590 sq. in

Wing Loading from 17 - 22 ozs/sq ft

Weight 70-90 ozs

For .30 to .60 two-stroke (.40 to .90 four-stroke engines)


Mark Three

Featuring low aspect ratio parallel chord wing for  exceptional manoeuvrability & slow-speed flying abilities.


With a .30 two stroke or a .40 four stroke, it is docile and forgiving yet fully aerobatic and is an ideal follow on from a primary trainer for an early solo pilot.

Chris Foss Wot 4
  • Superb ultra simple and robust construction

  • Ready made veneered foam wing panels

  • Precision pre-cut selected wood parts

  • Pre-formed wire undercarriage components

  • Self adhesive decals

  • Full hardware pack

  • Moulded plastic engine cowling

  • Linkage & fittings pack

  • Comprehensive, fully illustrated instruction manual


Plus...choice of options

  • Wide chord ailerons

  • Flapperons

  • Airbrakes

  • Steerable Tail Wheel

Additional parts not included

Multi-colour graphic sheet available separately

Wot 4 Classic

Optional GRP pack

Upgraded cowl & Undercarriage

Mark Three