62" Span Primary Trainer

The sleek modern and individualistic styling of the uno•wot skilfully conceals its elementary nature yet without compromising the underlying simplicity so important for a model of this type.  The construction combines maximum ease and speed of assembly with strength and light weight, the latter being a major factor in its astonishing performance.  The model is a result of extensive testing and refinement with every aspect considered.  Optimised wing incidence and thrust line angle ensure smooth power transition with minimum trim change essential in a primary trainer.  The wing section, again to ensure good trainer qualities, displays predictable handling, good low speed performance and a wide speed range.

uno-wot-sm.jpg (3807 bytes)


The 3 Channel Trainer uses just rudder, elevator and engine controls.  This model offers the novice the perfect combination of handling and performance giving the best opportunity of success in mastering the skills required for safe controlled flight.   Unlike many trainers which you soon grow out of, this model will continue to challenge because it is readily upgradable in terms of performance. With a more powerful engine and some control tuning the uno•wot can quickly become a more spirited aeroplane allowing you to advance your skills without the need for a new model.

The 4Channel Trainer offers superior precision and manoeuvrability by using additional aileron controls and reduced dihedral angle.   Whilst the degree of built-in lateral stability is reduced in this version it is nevertheless an excellent choice for the novice who will be learning under the supervision of an instructor.  Furthermore, a hot .25 or .30 engine and increased control throws will transform the model into a superb aerobatic machine that will enable the more competent pilot to improve his skills to the point where a safe transition can be made to a more demanding model such as the WOT 4, ACRO•WOT or WOTS•WOT.