middle phase

Two Versions

The middle phase is now in its' mark two variant and is still firmly based upon the original which was in its day Britain's most popular slope soarer.  middle phase 2 further advance the concept with the latest constructional techniques, aerodynamic refinements and fresh progressive styling.


The PRIMARY TRAINER, using two channel equipment for rudder and elevator control and with dihedral for stability this kit offers the absolute novice a perfect trainer on which to learn the basics.  The progressive control response, forgiving handling qualities and wide speed range allow the model to fly well in varying weather conditions.  Additionally more experienced pilots will not feel restricted with this model as with minor control adjustments it will put in a very spirited and rewarding performance indeed.

middlesm.jpg (4321 bytes)

The ADVANCED TRAINER fitted with aileron, elevator and rudder controls is ideally suited as a first aileron model for the reasonably competent pilot and equally as an aerobatic trainer for the more skilful to practice precision aerobatics.


middle phase 2 can readily be launched with a bungee or if required can be easily converted to into a power assisted glider by simply strapping on a power pod.