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62" Span Primary Trainer & Aerobatic Model

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Middle Phase
61" Span All Purpose R/C Glider

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Check out the  Starlight 3000 and the new Super Starlight range of Gliders.  These superb fully moulded models are imported from the Czech Republic and have been selected for their exceptional performance and amazing build quality!

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Universal Aerobatic R/C Model. Classic 52" Span Mark III 56" Span

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Phase 6
66" span Fully Aerobatic R/C Slope Soarer

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Acro Wot
58" span Fully aerobatic R/C model

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Xtra Wot
71" (1.8m) Semi Scale Aerobatic R/C model

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Wots Wot
48" span Aerobatic R/C Biplane

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Undercarriage, cowls and wheel spats