58" Aerobatic Model

The overall concept of Acro•wot owes much to its high wing brother, the now legendary WOT 4.  The characteristically thick wing section, in this case fully symmetrical, provides superb manoeuvrability and exceptional low speed handling control whilst the low wing offers a fine balanced aerobatic capability. 

This model is capable of flying with a wide range of engine sizes making it appealing to flyers of different capabilities and flying styles.  With a minimum power unit it is gentle and forgiving making it an ideal first low wing model.  With maximum power it offers a lively and spectacular performance that will thrill the expert aerobatic and display pilot.

acrowot-sm.jpg (4189 bytes)

The model is styled with realism in mind and is heavily influenced by the design of many full size competition aerobatic aeroplanes in particular the Zlin 250L.   This model will satisfy your dreams and is a delight to own.