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xtrawot and flying
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From: steve gorman
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like the rest of you i am totally switched off because we cannot get on the site because the farmer has a prize dairy herd. We have to be patient. However it has given me time to run my Moki 22cc petrol in situ on several occasions and all i can say is i am glad i could not get on the site. I would have had several piles of balsa if i had been able to. Not Moki's problem. The switch from Glo to petrol is not as easy as it seems. I am getting the hang of it now but if you intend to do so do it slowly. Petrol clunk pipes corrode,split etc. in spite of being sold as petrol, engines are very tight and need extensive running and like anything else it takes time to learn. In spite of this i think the effort is worth the reward in better performance and reliability but be aware it is cheaper to have the failures on the ground than in the air. I am starting to get the hang of tuning etc. but petrol reliabilty is not automatic, it has to be learnt. Just wait till the site is open again, i am sure this xtra will go out of sight in seconds!

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