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Wot 4 Mk III, updated instructions
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From: Roger Jennings
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I bought a Wot4 MkIII just prior to my leaving the UK some 6 years ago. I had two successful Wot4s prior to this. We have settled in Victoria, BC, Canada and I have now started building the model after all these years, the bug has bit again.

Back then the MkIII was brand new and the instructions I have are the original basics, they mention that a newer version of the instructions will be available soon. Did these materialize and are they available?

I guess Chris Foss's factory is not available via email. I could fax but wonder if they are available over the internet, so many manuals are these days.

Also if anyone has any hints etc. I would appreciate a line. I am putting in the air brakes. I see people talking about flaps but these instructions don't cover them.

Thanks to anyone helping in advance, come on out to Victoria to fly, the club is great and so are the members.

Roger Jennings

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