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uno wot
Chris Foss Flyers Forum

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Hi Chris,

After recently purchasing and building a Uno Wot Deluxe Kit for 76.99. I took the plane for its first flight on Sunday. With it's first take-off, I was so thrilled that the plane took off and flew in a beautiful line with no need of trim. After 4 successful flights and with my confidence building, I was starting to perform some simple stunts and checking out the amazing manouverability. I honestly thought that it was the most manouverable and responsive plane I had ever built. I had equipped it with a .30 2 stroke engine and built the plane exactly as to the instruction manual. On the planes final ill fated flight, another perfect take-off was performed and was followed by some more tricks, however just as I was about to do another loop, I put the plane into a short dive ready to pull out for the loop, and suffered a catastophic wing failure, the wing ripped just past the half way mark just by the line of the 4 inch reinforcing tape on the left wing. This obviously resulted in the plane minus the folded wings plummeting towards the ground smashing into an unrepairable wreck. I am now planeless and unable to afford another one at this time. Please help.


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