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Amazing Wot's
Chris Foss Flyers Forum

From: Paul Dobson
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Hi Chris

I am a great fan fo your aircraft, and have all of your power and gliders except the Uno Wot. My wife, like many wives, does not have a lot of time for model aircraft, but being an Architect, and having heard that you have a similar background, is very pro your airoplanes, and knows all of them. This is just a note to say thanks for a great line up of airoplanes. Once you have flown them, they spoil you for everything else. I am exited about your new Xtra Wot, and will be ordering one soon. If it flies better that your currrent crop, it is a must have. I have recently enlarged the Acro Wot to 72 Inches, and it is an amazing aircraft. I narrowed the Fus to accept my orriginal Acro Wot cowel. I cut lightening holes in the wings, cut a foam rear and front deck and built up the stab and rudder. Overall weight was 5.5 pounds, with an OS FX 91 up front. We would hand launch it vertically, just by letting go. It would fly like a fun Fly, and be equally comfortable at speed. Its speed envolote is increadable. On flotes, it climbs in inverted flat spins. Its capabilities are a tribute to its orriginal design, and that fantastic wing section. It has generated massive interest in your new Xtra Wot at our club. I met a gentleman who was here in South Africa on holiday from England, who said that he knew you, and he took some Photo's of my airoplane, thinking that it may be your new enlarged Xtrawot. He mentioned that you were releasing a bigger AcroWot.

Thanks again for making my Sundays

P.S. How about a bigger Wots Wot with 1300 square inches of wing at 10 pounds for a Super Tigre 23. That would be something.

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