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Living in the Past
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From: Charles Todd, Saskatoon, Canada
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I thought I might throw in a retrograde note and mention that I've had great fun with one of Chris' old single channel designs, the Sawdust. I believe it was initially called Yardstick. I wanted to build one when I was 16 and have gotten around to it now that I'm 47! Finding my old AM15 diesel, no throttle, was the spur, and the old brain cells even recalled the colour scheme ('dark blue silk wings, orange fuselage with white trim...'). I'm no masochist so have left the RCS Guidance System on the shelf and fitted JR micro on rudder and elevator. It's -35C so until our front door unfreezes I cannot grace the prairie skies again this year - but the model is so darn tough I could plough with it. I had to soak the tail in lighter fluid overnight as it came out a bit noseheavy. Anyone else flying last century's designs? Chris?

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