WOT 4 Notes

Mark Three


It is rare for a model to both influence and dominate to such a degree but when the original version first appeared in 1977 it possessed those unique qualities destined to make it a classic.  In 1981 a Mark 2 version was developed for kit production and soon became the market leader.  During its 13 year life span it became the main stay of the UK R/C club flyer.

The Mark 3 the present model displays fresh and elegant styling whilst improving on the exceptional flying characteristics of its predecessor.  The aerodynamic refinements include a new tapered wing giving crisper and more precise roll control.  The revised wing section improves all round performance and the modified tail surfaces improved performance towards the edge of the envelope.  Structurally the fuselage has undergone a major redesign incorporating die-cut ply doublers, formers and integral servo tray, all slotted for ease of assembly.   One clever feature is the multi-position bulkhead which permits any engine within the wide specified range to be installed  whilst retaining the standard moulded cowling.

This kit is available with an optional GRP pack replacing standard undercarriage and cowling with superior hand moulded Glass Reinforced Plastic versions.

This is the 52" span version of the famous model featuring a special low aspect constant chord wing for exceptional low speed handling and aerobatic manoeuvrability.

This model has evolved largely to fill the gap left by the Mark2 when it ceased production.  The requirement still existed for a model with the superb low speed and amazingly forgiving handling characteristics enjoyed by the early versions.  This model offers optional dihedral for extra stability.

The fuselage is common to both Classic and Mark 3 so this is part of a modular system for the advancing modeller and expert alike.