phase 6

Two Versions

The Phase 6 is the result of progressive development and continuous refinement based upon experience accumulated since 1969 from the five previous, highly successful, competition proven designs.  In addition to being a thoroughbred aerobatic slope soarer ideal for the competition pilot it is also the logical follow on from the Middle Phase model.

This model is the aeroplane on which to achieve the ultimate advancement of your skills.  This potential is enhanced by the availability of two versions of this aeroplane.  The SPORT version features a semi-symmetrical wing section specially designed for general aerobatic flying and pylon racing whilst offering excellent soaring ability in marginal lift conditions.

The Phase 6

The PROFESSIONAL version has a fully symmetrical wing section and is intended specifically for advanced precision aerobatics.

Also included in the kit are details of how to provide optional coupled inboard flaps.   For ultimate versatility both wings can be made interchangeable on the same fuselage thus offering an instant choice of either version.  Additional wing kits are available for this purpose.