STARLIGHT 3000 Full range in Stock!


These 2 gliders originate from the Czech Republic, a country that excels in producing good quality, high performance, competitively priced, fully moulded gliders.

Whilst primarily developed as serious F3J and Open Class competition thermal soarers both are equally suited for general ‘sport’ flying, whether it be thermal or slope. Any reasonably competent pilot will feel at ease with their surprisingly benign handling qualities whilst the more experienced will delight in exploring the impressive aerobatic abilities.

Chris has been competing with his own Starlight for the last 3 years in F3J and Open Class competitions, with considerable success, and is shown on the right with his latest Starlight 3000.


The latest batch of Starlight 3000s  feature the greatly improved ‘cross tail’ configuration which offers  superior control and handling characteristics. However we can supply V-tail versions of each model to special order.


Serious about your launch ?

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Both designs feature a 3-piece wing with centre flaps and outer ailerons already attached by full length hinges bonded within the skin during manufacture.  Wings can be supplied in standard form, carbon "D" box or full carbon construction.

The fuselages are laminated with carbon fibre. The Starlight incorporates a sheath nose cone enclosing an inner nose of generous length, whilst the Pike features a separate access hatch. Both offer adequate space for a regular size battery pack, rudder and elevator servos and standard size receiver and also incorporate a built-in ballast tube accessible from beneath the nose cone/hatch. The all-moving tailplane is supplied in two halves which plug in to the fin on substantial carbon fibre joiners.

Also included is an accessory pack containing wing servo covers, 9-pin main wiring plug and socket, high tensile wing mounting bolts and Allen keys, and quick links for connection to pre-installed rudder and elevator linkages.


Starlight 3000
Span 3.300m
Length 1.560m
Wing Area 69.3dm2
Wing Section MH32
Flying Weight 2200g

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