It has been decided to make a change to the website and for the time being the Forum has been replaced with a different feature.  The Customers page will replace the Forum, it is still for modellers and essentially created by you.  Over the coming weeks it is proposed to publish on this page pictures of Chris Foss Designs' models along with letters from modellers who have enjoyed flying our aeroplanes.

If you would like to see your model pictured here or if you have positive feed back on flying or building a Chris Foss Designs Model then please send your picture or letter to us for consideration.

For those of you who have a burning issue and would like some advice enquiries are welcome at the factory, see contact page for telephone number.  If a trend becomes obvious with a series of questions on a particular topic then a FAQ's page will be considered for this web Site.


Marc's super "Sonic" Acro Wot

The Acro is of standard build with the addition of a removable tail section. Fully glassed and painted with Klass Kote 2 part epoxy paint products. Engine is a Weston UK 50T1 with modified tuned exhaust to exit centrally under the cowl.
Flies like a dream, all the power when needed for vertical performance together with a reliable and rock solid cruise for the more sedate flying requirements. All up weight 5lb 10oz, no extra weight added.
Hampshire - Fleet Model Flying Club.





Max has sent some details of his Acrowot "BEWILDERBEEST" and a couple of pictures.  This model is powered by an OS Surpass II 70 FS standard OS silencer driving a Master Airscrew 13 X 7.  To finish of the model Max covered all the wood surfaces with light weight glass cloth and epoxy resin.  Paint scheme was devised by Chris Woodhead and hand painted with humbrol enamels.  Fuel proofed with Tuf-Cote applied by brush with wet and dry and then burnished with Brasso Dura-Glit.



A 12.5% enlargement of the original Acro Wot.  The model was scaled up and mostly built by Charles Aitkinhead of Lutterworth.  Due to health reasons, the project was passed on to Dave Weatherhead to finish, fly and enjoy.  Dave says that Charles was thrilled when told of the model’s first flights and commented that he knew it would be good.  Dave is the secretary of the ‘Rogue Flyers’ who have a site local to the town of Hinckley, Leics.

The model spans 65½ inches with a length of 53 inches, excluding spinner, weighs 3.2 kilos and is powered by a Super Tigre .91.

Dave describes the performance as “awesome”; it flies really slowly like the original Acro Wot with more than adequate vertical performance on a Bolly 12.5 x 8 prop.  He’s obviously delighted with the model which, sizewise, fits exactly halfway between the standard Acro Wot and the larger Xtra Wot.